An Alliance by Leica Sigma Panasonic

Welcome to a new world of possibilities: the L-Mount, developed by Leica Camera, marks the start of a new era of creative freedom. Never before has one lens mount standard allowed for an almost limitless array of options in combining different interchangeable lenses with cameras featuring different sensor formats.

The Ways of the FUTURE

Heading into the future: Learn from our experts about the attractiveness and the possibilities of the L-Mount, and the value this L-Mount Alliance brings to the industry as well as the photographic enthusiasts.

Stay Tuned


Watch this space: this is where you will soon find the full range of L-Mount products by Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma. Already available: the Leica SL, Leica TL2 and Leica CL system cameras, along with more than a dozen compatible, high-performance Leica lenses – all featuring the L-Mount.

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Here you will find the essential background, detailed and special information, as well as the most important questions regarding the L-Mount and the L-Mount Alliance.