An Alliance by Leica Sigma Panasonic Leitz dji SAMYANG Astrodesign BMD

The L-Mount Alliance is a partnership between Leica Camera, SIGMA, Panasonic, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH, DJI, ASTRODESIGN, SAMYANG and Blackmagic Design. Its aim is to provide photographers with one unified lens mount standard. Developed by Leica Camera, the L-Mount allows photographers to seamlessly combine lenses and cameras from various partners. A new era of creative freedom has begun.


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The L-Mount Alliance turns a high-quality lens mount into an expansive system: unleash your creativity with a cross-brand portfolio that spans from super wide angle to super telephoto focal lengths – offering unlimited possibilities both in still photography and video productions.


L mount 230608-1-1

Find out more about all available L-Mount products, explore the latest L-Mount cameras and lenses released by the different members and experience the full breadth of possibilities offered by the L-Mount Alliance.

Questions & Answers

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