Questions & Answers

What is the L-Mount Alliance?

The members of the L-Mount Alliance all utilise the L-Mount Standard developed by Leica Camera AG for mirrorless camera systems. Currently, the members of the alliance are Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma. Leica is the licensor of the L-Mount Standard and Panasonic and Sigma are licensees. L-MOUNT is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG. The partners in the alliance utilise the L-Mount Standard for cameras and lenses that are offered under their own brand names. The alliance works together on advancing the technology of the L-Mount Standard.

What is the L-Mount?

The L-Mount is a lens mount for mirrorless autofocus system cameras that was launched by Leica for an APS-C system in 2014 with the Leica T and, in 2015, for a full-frame system, the Leica SL. 

It is equally suitable for both APS-C format and full-frame cameras. The advantages are a large inner diameter of 51.6 mm that enables the realisation of extremely fast lenses and, at the same time, extremely compact dimensions that permit the construction of compact APS-C format system cameras. 

The configuration of the lens-to-camera communication interface is future-proof and, as realised in the case of the Leica SL, the L-Mount also offers an option for the construction of sealed systems that are insensitive to dust and moisture. The register of the L-Mount is 20 mm, and allows the mounting of a multitude of different lenses by means of appropriate adapters.

Why have Leica, Panasonic and Sigma decide to form the alliance?

Panasonic and Leica have been in the long term partnership, and Panasonic and Sigma have been having a regular communication through Micro 4/3 system. Panasonic being a middleman, the three companies which have their own established position and strengths that help them stand out from each other got together. Panasonic has a high level of tecnologies in fields such as digitalization of cameras including autofocus and optical stabilization system. Leicas expertise in optical design and premium manufacturing as well as brand value are proven by its long history and tradition. Sigma, with its high level of product development and mass production system, has established an unique position in the industry for deliverying a high performance lens lineup and cameras. The three companies are competitors who manufactur and sell cameras and lenses. However, when we consider each company's standing point and strengths, there are very few areas where they interfere with each other. This is an exceptionally balanced partnership, and thus the three companies decided to form this alliance to utilize the versatile mount and provide a great benefit to various customers as the customers will now have access to a rich lens lineup and a comprehensive camera system.
The aim of the L-Mount Alliance is to provide customers with a diverse and future-proof range of products previously unheard of in the premium system camera segment.

Do Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma coordinate their product roadmaps?

No. All three brands maintain their presence as competitors in the same market and, due to legal regulations governing competition, may not coordinate their product roadmaps.

Will we see jointly developed products?

This is a possibility. 

Will there be jointly developed key components or shared technology platforms?

This is a possibility. In the future development of the L-Mount Standard within the alliance, it is possible that jointly developed and sourced key components and technology platforms (hardware and software) may become necessary. Beyond this, it is also possible that joint development programmes may lead to the sharing of key components, technologies or modules for the further development of products. Such developments would, however, be realised in the course of project-based development programmes that are independent from the L-Mount Alliance.

Will the L-Mount Alliance maintain a shared presence?

This will initially be in the form of an online L-Mount Portal ( Visitors to the website will find basic information about the alliance, the L-Mount Standard and the compatible products offered by the three brands.

Which Leica Camera products are equipped with the L-Mount?

Leica has two product lines with L-Mount products: the Leica SL-System is a professional, full-frame system with the L-Mount that currently comprises the Leica SL camera body and a portfolio of six high-performance lenses for full-frame photography. The APS-C system, comprising the Leica T/TL/TL2 and Leica CL cameras and seven high-performance lenses for APS-C format, is also equipped with the L-Mount. All 13 L-Mount lenses can be used on all 5 L-Mount camera bodies, format switching takes place automatically within the camera if necessary. Both product lines are being constantly expanded and improved.

When will the first L-Mount products from Sigma be launched?

Please address all questions about Sigma products to Sigma. The Alliance can provide no information about planned products.

When will the first L-Mount products from Panasonic be launched?

Please address all questions about Panasonic products to Panasonic. The Alliance can provide no information about planned products.

When will the first L-Mount products from Leica Camera be launched?

Please address all questions about Leica Camera products to Leica Camera. The Alliance can provide no information about planned products.

Is the alliance open to further partners?

The L-Mount Alliance is not an open alliance. It came about by the granting of licences by Leica Camera AG. Nevertheless, other partners could be taken onboard.

How is the compatibility of products assured?

The L-Mount Standard will be periodically reviewed and, if necessary, revised by a joint standards committee. This will assure that all members of the alliance are aware of the latest specifications. Only products that are fully compatible with the specifications of the L-Mount Standard may be offered under this brand name.

Will L-Mount products be specially labelled?

The L-Mount Standard stipulates the labelling of L-Mount products and their packaging with the registered L-Mount brand logo. The individual manufacturers decide for themselves whether this labelling should be applied.

Are there any functional limitations from one manufacturer’s products to another’s?

The L-Mount Standard stipulates that products must be compatible in accordance with the specifications of the L-Mount Standard. The specifications are very far-reaching with regard to the decisive data for assured functionality and imaging performance. However, it remains open to each individual manufacturer to realise and implement additional optimisation in the interaction of components within a brand or product line, for example with special functions not covered by the specifications of the L-Mount Standard.

Will the L-Mount specification be made public?

The L-Mount specifications are confidential and are made available only to the members of the L-Mount Alliance.

Who will be responsible for service and support for L-Mount products?

Each individual alliance partner will be responsible for organising repair and user support services for the products they offer on the market.

Who provides help if problems arise when using L-Mount products from different members of the alliance together?

The first port of call is always the dealer from whom the product was purchased. The dealer will advise the customer on the next steps to be taken if the source of the problem cannot be definitively identified.

Will the future see Leica Stores selling Panasonic and Sigma products?

There are no plans to sell Panasonic or Sigma products in Leica Stores.

Will photographic dealers offer products from all three brands?

All independent dealers can pick and choose the brands and products they offer.

Where can L-Mount products be bought?

Information on sales outlets for the corresponding products can be found in the dealer lists published on the websites of the respective manufacturers.